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Saturday, September 09, 2006

This speaker is located in the entryway of our apartment and faces into our living room. The speaker cannot be turned off or on and if it had not started speaking we probably would have never noticed it was there. Tonight the speaker played its 3-note song and then a man's voice came on and spoke very importantly in Korean for about a minute. Then the 3-note song played again and the speaker was off. This is the first time I have heard the man's voice. I have heard a woman make some announcements a few times during the day. Once we even figured out what she was talking about when we went to the get on the elevator and realized that it was not working. But for all the other times that they have spoken to us in Korean we have had no idea what they are saying. You might be wondering if this speaker in our house feels at all intrusive? The answer would be yes, it is very strange, and feels a bit big brotherish.


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