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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Song Sang Nime Park is what we call my Korean teacher. Koreans don't use their first names much and often use titles instead of names. So when we call her Song Sang Nime we are actually just calling her teacher, Park is her last name. So far my Korean classes are going well, my teacher is nice and I have made some new friends. During my first class I talked with a Japanese woman who was sitting next to me, her English is very good and it turned out that she is my neighbor so now we take the subway together 3 days a week when we go to class. Right now we are still learning the alphabet, which has some very strange sounding letters that do not really translate into English. This makes it kind of entertaining when the class is all repeating them together. I am excited to be learning a new language and hopefully in a few months will be able to get around Seoul a little better and be able to read the menus in the Korean restaurants, it will be nice to be able to order dishes other than bimbimbap and bulgogi.


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