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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tibet is obsessed with the Yak. In Tibetan Buddhism it is believed that it is best to kill the least number of animals that can feed the largest number of people. This is why they don't eat shrimp or other sea food (Tibet is also located very far from the ocean.) So the Yak is king in Tibet and just about everything they eat there comes from a Yak.
This is Yak butter which is used in all kinds of cooking and also in Yak butter tea which is drunk by Tibetans every morning. To make Yak butter tea you mix black tea, salt, and of course Yak butter. Both Jay and I tried Yak butter tea and once was enough for both of us.
This is Yak cheese, which is a very very dry cheese. Our tour guide gave us a small piece and said that people usually chew on it for three or four days........I was not interested in eating anything for that long and spit mine out. The flavor....hmmmm kind of like Yak and a chunk of powdered milk that had been drying in the sun for a week.
And here finally is Yak meet. These stands are all over the roads in Lhasa. Jay had a few Yak burgers and thought they were pretty tasty although a bit overcooked.
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Blogger Katie said...

Hmm, I've lost my appetite for the time being. I defintely don't need to ever try Yak.

10:30 AM  

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