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Thursday, October 18, 2007

A few weekends ago Jay and I went to Pusan, (actually pronounced Busan, but in the confusing way that translations are done here it is sometimes written with a P and sometimes with a B, yes this often makes reading maps more difficult.) Busan is a port city located in the southernmost part of South Korea, and is the second largest city in Korea. We have been wanting to go down there on the high speed bullet train and decided the Film Festival was a good excuse. Although it was a little tough to get tickets we managed to see three films, one Korea, one Japanese, and one Chinese. The Korean film was completely depressing, the Japanese one so completely monotonous we could hardly sit still, and the Chinese one was excellent. If you even have the opportunity to see "The Sun Also Rises" do and let us know what you think.

And for those of you that don't know (although frankly at this point I don't think there are many of you our there considering the mouths on my family) yes I am pregnant. You can just barely tell here, I am already quite a bit bigger and am now 17 weeks along.
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Blogger Katie said...

What a cute, teeny, tiny belly!

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