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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Well, these didn't exactly show up in the order I wanted them to but no worries. They are more photos from hiking at Soraksan National Park on the east coast of Korea, maybe 20 miles below the DMZ. Pretty nice view when you come out of the woods and see these.

The next photo is Colleen in front of a crowd of Koreans climbing to the top of another rock, which is easily visited via a cable car. The final scramble up to the top is pretty steep and toddlers as well as septuagenarians crab-walk up and down it. The approach would never fly in the US due to litigation risks.

The third photo is the view out of our lodge room in the AM. We arrived in the dark of night so hadn't seen the valley until we woke up and looked out the window. I got really excited right then, just ask Colleen.

The last photo is a detail of the first: it is the furthest column on the right. If you look closely, you will see two climbers mid spire.


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