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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Presenting our new artpiece... Tom Turkey. Purchased in Itaewon, the international street of shopping at the bottom of Hooker Hill, for 25,000 won. Turns out I was ripped off as the same objet d'art is available on eBay for $5 but in my estimation it is priceless. See how the light flickers on Tom's wings, glimmers off his shoulders, and glistens on his tail. One can almost hear the caucophony of beating wings and angry clucks and gobbles as Tom attacks. His razor sharp talons tear into your skin as he rips flesh from bone, sinew from tendon, life from living!

Whew, that was a little scary, I'm back. Anyway, I just thought Tom was kind of cool and an interesting match to our Jasper Johns print.


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