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Saturday, March 10, 2007

YK Tsai visited us this week and good times were had indeed. YK was my roommate in medical school for anyone who doesn't know and is now a board-certified anesthesiologist in San Francisco. He is very, very eligible for any young ladies that might happen upon this web log.

We went to a Korean Folk Village one day and YK met a young Korean lady. But she was a little too stiff leaving YK highly eligible.
The best thing about the village was seeing two cocks run after each other and fight whenever they could get in a good peck at the other. They would take turns chasing each other like it was a game but they were pretty serious: both their necks were spalshed with cock blood. We watched for a good 15 minutes and they were still at it when we left because it was starting to snow.


Anonymous kaleiwahine said...

YK Tsai is the best. And I have been looking for him in the alumni directories for years, recalling his help in cleaning all the beer bottles out of the EBF lounge & vaccuuming whem my mother and sister's h.s. vb team came to sleep there. I of course was in a fog due to obvious EBF reasons, but I do recall YK being a true friend.

10:21 PM  

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