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Sunday, July 15, 2007

We went on a day trip to an island in the Yellow Sea today called Deokjeokdo. There is a nice little archipelago of about 100 islands west on Incheon harbor, where the airport is, and this little island we visited is there. We were greeted by some ajummas hawking the local wares. Mmm, tasty!
The tides are pretty extreme, up to 36 feet difference, and were the reason the amphibious invasion by McArthur in September 1950 took place in two stages. In this case it left a few fishing boats high and dry.
We went on a little hike up the island hill. It was beautiful and, unlike the trails around Seoul that resemble its crowded freeways, empty! We half expected to find Rashomon around the next corner.
On our way out, we ran into the local deity: The Fishing Man. We paid obeisance for Tyler and went on our way.
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