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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I recently had the opportunity to visit a Korean elder home, because of the work I am doing with the AFSC (American Forces Spouses' Club.) We give money to Korean welfare organizations and then get to visit some of the places we fund. The old folks who live here do not have any family in Korea so the house gives them a place to live and eat for free and has to raise money to support the three homes they run. The AFSC donated money for an industrial clothes dryer and recently approved more money for a custom made refrigerator. In this picture the people who live at the home are singing a song for us. They were very happy to have visitors and kept asking if we would come back tomorrow.
Here I am picking Asian Pears for the home. One of the ways they make money is by selling the pears from their orchard, so we picked a bunch for them while we were there. In return they sent us each home with a box of freshly picked pears which were delicious.
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Blogger Katie said...

How cool. So are the pears all individually wrapped ON the tree? Seems like a lot of work! What a great thing to be doing while you're there. :)

6:48 AM  

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