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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our last day at Palm St.....for those who do not know, my mom and Bruce's house is in escrow and tonight will be the last night I stay there.  I will miss this house, it was an amazing place to grow up and come back to over the years.  This house has been a wonderful place to gather and spend time with family and friends and that may be what I will miss the most.  But now it is time to move on and I look forward to visiting my mom and Bruce in Orcas Island Washington and new adventures in the Pacific Northwest.  For now Max and I are off to San Antonio to spend 6 weeks with Jay while he takes the Captains Career Course.  Yes I know he is a Major......  
On our last day we were busy packing, swimming, seeing friends, and learning to play the piano.
As you can see Max now loves the pool.
This is good since it will be pretty hot in San Antonio=)  Max's Great American Adventure continues.


Blogger Robin Baker said...

oh, I loved that house! I bet you will have to mourn the loss for awhile. LOOK AT YOU in a bikini just 4 months later... amazing =). I need to borrow those running shoes you got - they've got magic powers!

9:45 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

Yay! I look forward to play in the pool with you Little Max! And Cute Colleen!

5:57 AM  
Blogger Jniemack said...

It's nice to share your packing, and final days at the house and to read your thoughts about it...I had lots of good times there too, I remember as a child going up to the Christmas parties Helen always had. I'm glad that your Mom and Bruce are starting a new life, and especially excited for your new life with Jay and (my first grand nephew) MAX- Hooray!
Love, Judy

4:34 AM  

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