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Monday, May 18, 2009

Jay goes flyfishing in Korea

Colleen was kind enough to let me go flyfishing before leaving Korea. I left Friday night on the express bus down to the south of the country and met up with my guide, James Card, in the morning. It rained all day, mostly a light but constant little drizzle. Thanks James for hooking me up with some rain and fishing gear to keep me dry. Behind James you can see the little gorge we started the day in, trying to hook into some barbels, notchmouth, and others. It was absolutely gorgeous, or at least my starvation for nature from being trapped in Seoul made me think so. I was loving it, despite the rain.
Here is my first and only catch. It's a little notchmouth, the only of its kind in the world.
Check out the front of the jaw, how it hooks down then up. It fits into a notch on the upper jaw, hence the name.
We spent the second part of the day fishing a beautiful trout stream up in the mountains. I got a couple of strikes in this little pool but did not hook into one of the cherry trout we were after. Granted, I am a very novice flyfisher and need to get some hours and days and weeks under my belt. This was one of those. Despite the paucity of fish catching, I had a great time in the outdoors, hiking all around, chatting it up with James, etc. A great, great day. Thanks Colleen! You're the best wife ever.

PS A few more photos on Facebook but not so much photo shooting due to the rain. Trust me, it was wonderful.
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