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Friday, March 16, 2007

Today I took my Korean final, hopefully I got an A. And tomorrow Jay and I will both be leaving Seoul. I am going to Mexico to spend a week on the beach with my family and Jay is going to San Antonio for a Joint Services Symposium on Emergency Medicine.....yes my trip does sound much more fun. Jay will return to Seoul for one day and then will go camping somewhere in Korea on an army exercise. After we both return to Korea we will be heading to Thailand to celebrate our 3-year anniversary. So we will probably not be updating the blog for a few weeks, but we will have plenty of photos to add when we return.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How fun! Colleen, your trip does sound a bit more exciting than Jay's does, but how great you'll be celebrating your anniversary together in Thailand. Be safe and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures! ~Katie

10:53 AM  
Anonymous francie said...

Hi guys....remembering this day three years ago...being washed in waves of emotion as you pledged your love and lives to a future of joyful inquiry...the beer wasn't bad either :) Hoping your celebration today brings back all the warm feelings of the moment. Thinking of you, loving you..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND BEYOND...F

3:19 PM  

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