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Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's getting cold around here for cycling. Here are brave souls bundled up and out riding despite sub 40s temperature this AM. The group is mostly US military but included an Aussie English teacher and a Canuck elevator engineer today. Eric Reid on the bike path under the freeway next to the Han River. It's amazing how well Seoul uses the riverine space to provide for all kinds of critical needs.
Miles Barnes dogging it up a long climb an hour out of the city. It's great out in the country, usually about an hour. We rode to Namhansanseong, a 1500-year old fortress area that is now a beautiful little regional park. Because of its high walls, it's sometimes called the Great Wall of Korea.
Jason Williams, one of my emergency nurses, on his sweet new ride. First time out on the S-works. Think he likes it?
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