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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ginkakuji temple was one of our favorite places in Kyoto. The morning we went there it had just rained and everything was lush and fresh. This rock garden is supposed to represent a lake and the mound on the right was made to reflect the moonlight and make the garden more beautiful at night.

The Ginkakuji temple was built in 1489 and was meant to give the people hope after a civil war had turned Kyoto into a wasteland.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi you two!

Your pictures in Kyoto are gorgeous!!! It really took me back to my times visiting those same gardens 35 years ago! I guess that's not so long when you consider how long these gardens have been around! It's wonderful to see so much beauty so well preserved and you picked such a perfect time to visit. thanks so much for sharing.

xxoo Mom

9:48 PM  

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