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Monday, November 05, 2007

This weekend we went to the east coast of Korea for a little trip with some of the emergency department staff. Mr. Yim was the hero of the trip and got us a nice big tourist bus for us to ride in style and comfort. This rock formation is called Ulsanbawi and is pretty famous in Korea. We climbed the opposite side of it the next day.
We went fishing the first day. Bridget Regner demonstrates her technique with the hand reel. She caught a couple of flounders with it.
We went out about a mile on three of these little boats we rented at a local harbor. DJ is fishing with his handline off the side of this one.
We caught maybe 12 little flounders on our boat, and I mean little. The biggest was maybe 6 inches and the smallest about 3. The captain cut the heads off and sliced them up, bones and all, and we scarfed them down raw. And crunchy.
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Blogger Katie said...

Raw? And cruchny? Ewww... :)

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