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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here is Colleen at the cute little ryokan that we stayed in. They brought us a Japanese breakfast every morning at that little table there. Seaweed and other delicious breakfast foodstuff like that.
Here's the other side of the ryokan. And the robe they furnished for our midnight trips to the shared toilet or bath in the AM.
This is Kinkaku-ji Temple, built in 1397. Kyoto is the ancient Japanese capital and escaped firebombing in WWII due to its historical status. Incidentally, I just learned that Pyongyang also initally escaped destruction in the Korean War but as the war dragged on, and on, well... I've heard it's all new, or relatively new, stale Communist architecture. In Kyoto's case, its preservation was a very nice thing because there are so many beautiful old temples and palaces and gardens. One of my favorite places to visit ever.
And Colleen at 21 weeks in front of a bunch of baby Buddhas or something. That's her omnipresent Dr. Pepper chapstick in her pocket.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi C & J! This is my favorite entry so far - thx for taking me back to kyoto (i went to visit temples nearly every wknd when i live in osaka), loved seeing colleen's belly and i totally noticed the chapstick outline in her pocket before jay called it out. colleen - do you still have your lipsmackers t-shirt? xo, irene

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Bob said...

Wow, that was a speedy trip around Kyoto - you saw and heard more than most people do in a month! And an ikebana performance too! Omoshiroi!
My favorite photo is the VIP moss - but I think the Japanese are very respectful of even the most average of moss. It's a good country to be a moss in.
Glad you made it to Katsurarikyu. It's the best garden ever.
Colleen, you look great with all those jizos, but you might want to look into chapstick on a string in a month or so.

2:56 PM  

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