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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Max momentarily enjoys his play mat.
Since this is a family blog, Jay discreetly covers Max's privates while he is photographed for his fans. This was his first real bath after his umbilical cord fell off and he really enjoyed it:) Well he enjoyed everything except when I accidentally turned on the shower and not the bath and he got sprayed in the face....he was quite upset about that. Ooops.
Max is beat after yet another morning spent trying to get all the paperwork in order and photos taken for his passport. Taking a picture of a 2 week old with their eyes open while propping up their head in a way that you can't see your hands or his......not easy. It took a few trips to the photographer's studio on base before we actually got one that was usable. It is kind of funny that the photo matters at all since in a few months Max will look pretty different, much less 5 years from now when it expires. Happily we now finally have all the paperwork is turned in!!!
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Blogger Katie said...

So cute! I feel like I repeat myself in every post about Max, but since he is so cute, I will probably do so over and over and over again...

David and Ethan love bath time and really love when the shower is on, however we waited until they were about 9 months or before we did it:)

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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