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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ann has had a great job at the Griffith Observatory for a few years now. We went up to see the winter solstice on 21 DEC and watched the great planetarium show as well. Highly recommended for your next trip to LA, or if you live there to get up there and see it ASAP. It is fantastic!

Here is the setting sun on the shortest day of the year. On clear days, any clear day, reportedly there is a "green flash". We didn't see it this day. By the way, solstice means "sun standing still" or something. The Ancients observed that around this time, it appeared that the sun didn't move any farther south for about a week or more, then started moving north again. Up until the summer solstice.
The setting sun revealed my dual nature. Half shadowy, half golden.

We see you Tyler! And downtown LA.
Meeting minds. And fingertips.
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Anonymous ann & bob said...

Thanks for the Griffith Observatory promo, Jay!

5:42 PM  

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