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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our little cabina lacks a bathtub so for baths we've used the pool, stuck Max under the shower or a hose, or squeezed him into the sink. Here are Colleen and Max demonstrating the sink technique. Not as good for kick-splashing, of which Max is expert, but gets the baby clean enough.
We dogsat our landlord's little poodle, Black Beauty, the other week and now she is great friends with us. Whenever she's let outside for a walk, she'll run over to our door and beg for some love. Max is more than happy to dish it out.
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Max had a busy Texas weekend. He visited the Alamo,
whistled at a pretty senorita on the Riverwalk,
tried to steal Dad's chips and salsa,
and got intimate with a corn tortilla.
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Max is always interested in what Jay and I are doing on the computer so I put him next to it foolishly thinking he couldn't do anything to all the pictures I had just downloaded to the Kodak site and was about to order.....silly me...he somehow pushed the key pad and went back a page and all my work was lost. I guess he has been watching more closely than we thought=)
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Monday, August 18, 2008

This weekend we went to our friend's wedding in Wyomissing, PA. Here Max hangs out in our hotel room.
Cara and I helped make flower arrangements for the tables.
And spent time with Caitlin (the bride, on left) and her family before the wedding.
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Jay and Max are ready for a swim at the pre-wedding lunch.
Ooops it's little too bright for Max without his cap=)
Max....always showing off his tricks with Dad.

This is the farmhouse where the event was held. The original house was built in the 1700's and is on an 80 acre piece of property that includes the lake the swam in. Needless to say it was beautiful and a wonderfully relaxing place to hang out before the wedding.
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Max and I are ready for the wedding!
It was great to see you girls!!!
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It was a beautiful ceremony in Caitlin's family back yard.
Our friend Cara wrote a great piece for them and read a poem.
Caitlin kisses the single life goodbye!

What a good looking couple=)
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Jay and Max work on some new tricks under the reception tent.
Max loves kisses from Dad=)
What a handsome pair!
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Fun in the photo booth with the college girlfriends. I think we were supposed to make a sexy face here....I am never quite sure what that is supposed to look like.
Jay keepin it real.
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Max tries out his newest form of transportation on the way back to San Antonio!
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On hot Texas days you can find Max chillin in the pool in his new floater ring.
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Monday, August 11, 2008

This weekend we went to our friend Jiah's house for dinner. Her husband, Eric, is an ER Dr and served in Korea with Jay. He is now deployed in Iraq, North of Baghdad. They have a 2 month baby girl named Hope. Eric was able to take leave and be in the states for Hope's birth, but is now back in Iraq.
Max was very curious about Hope.

Max was trying to make friends with Hope, apparently that meant poking her in the eye a few times.
Later they had fun playing side by side=)
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This weekend we decided to try feeding Max his first food, rice cereal mixed with breast milk.

Although he was curious about what was in the bowl.......
When it got to his mouth he was not a big fan.

Most of it ended up on his face and new Dr. Seuss bib=) I guess we will try again in a week or two.
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Our poolside cabana in San Antonio! We are all very happy to have moved from the hotel to a family friend's back house.
Jay, in an effort to be kind to the Earth decided to ride his new bike to class at Fort Sam. He wishes he could take Max with him to class.
Max helps Dad with his presentation on Insurgencies by watching his butterflies.
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