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West goes East: The lives and adventures of a Californian couple living in Seoul

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Family photo with Travis and a chair. It was really nice to see most of my family last week in Mexico. We lounged by the pool caught up with what everyone is doing and played Sudoku. Now I am back in Seoul with just enough time to do some laundry before leaving for Thailand. Jay will return Friday and we leave for Thailand on Saturday. I can't wait to see Jay and eat real Pad Thai.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Today I took my Korean final, hopefully I got an A. And tomorrow Jay and I will both be leaving Seoul. I am going to Mexico to spend a week on the beach with my family and Jay is going to San Antonio for a Joint Services Symposium on Emergency Medicine.....yes my trip does sound much more fun. Jay will return to Seoul for one day and then will go camping somewhere in Korea on an army exercise. After we both return to Korea we will be heading to Thailand to celebrate our 3-year anniversary. So we will probably not be updating the blog for a few weeks, but we will have plenty of photos to add when we return.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Somehow this one snuck out of there. Colleen took me and YK on a field trip with her Korean class and we got to play Korean drums for an hour. FUN!

Disclaimer: This blogging program is shows up in Korean on my PC thus is somewhat nonsequitur, for which I apologize.

That stated, see the last entry for the start of YK's visit to Korea. In the first photo here, we are visiting an 18th century castle about a half hour south of Seoul. It was pretty cold and windy.

In the second, a brief explanation of the setting: we went up to the DMZ and saw some of the relics there. Here we are demonstrating the "handshake of freedom" while standing in front of the "wall of freedom" while standing on the "bridge of freedom". Best of all, it was free!

YK here with North Korea visible across the Imjin River. YK thought he was being spied on by a guy in an overcoat. It could be true.

The send-off dinner at The Clam and Shell Grill. All you can eat crustaceans and drinks for three: $50! C ya YK. Thanks for coming. We look forward to our next visitors.

YK Tsai visited us this week and good times were had indeed. YK was my roommate in medical school for anyone who doesn't know and is now a board-certified anesthesiologist in San Francisco. He is very, very eligible for any young ladies that might happen upon this web log.

We went to a Korean Folk Village one day and YK met a young Korean lady. But she was a little too stiff leaving YK highly eligible.
The best thing about the village was seeing two cocks run after each other and fight whenever they could get in a good peck at the other. They would take turns chasing each other like it was a game but they were pretty serious: both their necks were spalshed with cock blood. We watched for a good 15 minutes and they were still at it when we left because it was starting to snow.