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Friday, February 20, 2009

Home sweet home.
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Ann helps Max pack up some things before leaving for Seoul.
Our last visitor was my great Aunt Evie.

Max plays with a fire truck his friend Jack lent him. Thanks Leia and Jack!!! I really enjoyed all the toys;)
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Our last week in CA we went up north to see Elisa and her new baby and stay with my good friend Irene.
Irene's daughter Kate and Max are just about the same age. It was fun seeing them together.
Elisa introduces Minna to Kate and Max.
It was amazing holding Minna and remembering how little new born babies are. I forget since these days I am lugging around a 22 lb 11 month old!
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Max and Kate spent a lot of time playing with the baby safety gate.
They both always wanted to go through it at the same time.
There was definitely some pushing that went on.
And lots of negotiations.
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Fun in the hot tub with Granby.
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Who can resist the bath photos?
They are just too darn cute.

And look at that hair!!! Still quite RED!@!!
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Max shows off some of his newly aquired musical talents.
And makes the elephant sound as he
works on some moves for his latest modern dance performance;)
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We went on a picnic with my girlfriend Rosana and her daughter Martina.
All Max wanted to do was push Martina's tricycle around the park.
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Tyler and I took Max to the Zoo. He liked the giraffes and the elephant.
But his favorite thing to do was pushing his stroller. Now he wants to push is wherever he goes. I wish he could push me around in it;-)
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We had a little party for some of our visitors at my Dad and Ann's. Here Max tries to reach the camera my cousin Jen is holding, while her daughter Tallulah plays with a puzzle. In the background are my sister Kaylie and friend Cara.
It is hard to get little kids to cooperate at the same time in photos....This was the best I could do.
My friend Leia and her son Jack.

Max attack!!!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feelin fine!
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Max plays with my friend Cara from college who visited us in LA.

We were fortunate enough to also get a visit from Uncle Tyler.
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Max shows off his new walking skills for his Dad. Jay visited in LA over Inauguration weekend.
Hey Dad you still watching?
Hmmm what does this one taste like?

Oh, Dad!
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