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Sunday, November 30, 2008

For the ER Thanksgiving Jay grilled an award winning Turkey......yes he really won an award for it=)
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It is getting cold in Korea! Max shows off his new coat and his first two teeth=)
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The other day while Max and I were at story time at the base library a women asked me if I would try out a product for her marketing class, baby knee pads. Apparently they are popular in Japan and Korea for babies learning how to crawl. She said that Americans expect their babies to be tough and was wondering if I would use a product like this for Max. I have noticed bruises on Max's knees from crawling all over the place...but really knee pads? The truth is they would not stay put on his chubby knees. Luckily he was a very good sport about trying them, and tough enough not to need them;)
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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Sometimes Max tries out all 38 muscles it takes the human body to frown. It's a work in progress.
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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Max's new favorite toy.

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Max and Shoma together again! Max has his first playdate with his Japanese friend Shoma since we left Korea.
Now that they are a few months older they can actually play....or at least they are aware of the other one's presence. When Shoma first arrived and started sucking on Max's stuff, Max just stared at him with a totally shocked look on his face. We will see what happens next week=)
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We took Max on his first subway outing in Seoul in the stroller/backpack from Aunt Liz. It worked great! Here we are looking at the electronic timetable waiting for our train to arrive.
We went to Seoul Grand Park to enjoy the fall foliage and one of the last temperate days of the year.

Fall in Korea is a beautiful time of year with fire-painted trees and hills on every side.

We went to the zoo at Seoul Grand Park. Here is some of the wildlife.

Our visit inside the zoo was somewhat truncated by necessity but at least we saw the impressive barbary goats.
The males wear some funky knickers and put my chest hair to shame.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Max's first Halloween and we dressed him as a Monkey! He was not so sure about the costume when we first put it on him.
And kept trying to figure out what was on his head.
Then he pretty much forgot he was dressed in a monkey costume and went about his business as usual, playing.

To celebrate we went to a friends house on base to watch all the tricker treaters. As you can see Jay and I both dressed up as Monkey Trainers.
And a squirmy little Monkey he is.
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