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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Max takes flight

Max and Tyler have fun at Moran State Park, Orcas Island.  Max and I spent the last 10 days here and will leave tomorrow for more family fun in Los Angeles.
Max practices some of his flying moves
Nice form!

Moran State Park

Kaylie and Tyler have more fun building sand castles than Max

Max and Grandma

Max holds his first starfish
and checks out the oysters and crab we caught on my mom and Bruce's beach
I eat the freshest oyster I have ever had, right off the rock
Tyler and Travis admire their catch!

Shabu Shabu

For Kaylie's birthday my Mom made Shabu Shabu in their newly remodeled kitchen!  Tyler and his friend Travis have been working on the house for about 2 months.

Happy Birthday to you.
Make a wish.

Kaylie's Birthday

For Kaylie's birthday Tyler, Travis and Kaylie build a catamaran.  Here it is after they all abandoned ship.
Not quite as sound as they had hoped.
The ship started to sink pretty quickly after they all got on.
The birthday girl!