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Monday, June 29, 2009

Last days in Seoul

Colleen just finished this painting under the wire. It's the view outside our window on the 24th floor, looking across the Han River. Colleen painted the views from our apartment in LA and our house in Colorado Springs; they are some of my favorite paintings. I love getting a little memory jog everytime I see something like this. Thanks Colleen, great work!
The monsoons started last week. I wore my water shoes and Max wore his so we could stomp in all the puddles outside. When we came back, it was mission complete.

Otherwise Max and Colleen left this afternoon to go to Orcas Island and see MJ and Bruce for a few days. We'll meet up again on July 14th in Los Angeles when the Army finally lets me leave Korea too. In the meantime, cross your fingers the little fat guy up north doesn't try anything funny. Highly doubtful. See you in the US!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Max says Duck

Friday, June 19, 2009

My friend Hiromi from high school and her husband Ben came to Seoul and stayed with us. We had a great visiting with them;-)
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Max at the Fish Market

We took Ben and Hiromi to the fish market and they got some great pictures of Max with the octopus and sea cucumbers.
Being a cute read headed little guy in Korea definitely opens people up to Max. Koreans as a culture are very open and loving to kids, but the blue eyes, and curly hair help too;-)
Max liked touching all the sea animals.
Jay let him ride on his shoulders for a while so we could actually get through the whole market and Max waved at all the fish and the fishmongers. These days he waves at everything and everyone...really into saying HI!!
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Max was pretty excited about the skateboard Ben brought with him.
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Max's first ride

Max was so excited to see Ben doing tricks on his skateboard that Ben offered to take him for a ride.
The first time around Max was a little apprehensive about the while thing.
After the second ride he kept doing the baby sign for more...more!
Ben fixed Max's hat so he looked more like a skater.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

ED Farewell

Saturday was the Emergency Department Hail and Farewell. A pretty good crowd showed up but we are never full strength for parties because there are always people on and post night shift too.
I gave out some awards, for example to CPT (Dr.) Katina Fosen. Max tried to get into the action too.
Awards to MAJ John Godesa and our trusty Ambulance Driver Supervisor, Mr. Yim, who has worked for the hospital since 1969. Before I was born!
And I got an award. A nice little bell, a replica of King Songdok the Great's Divine Bell that was made in 771 and still exists. I thanked Max for all his support and let him have a few words too.

I have learned many things in the last three years in Korea and last two as Chief of the Emergency Department. Maybe most importantly, I learned that respect is an action verb. Sometimes you just have to choose to do it, despite all feelings to the contrary, and have to repeat, repeat, repeat for it to finally take hold. Thank goodness things like that finally get easier after some practice.

Thanks everyone in the ED for all your hard work taking care of our patients everyday, day in and day out.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Carribean Bay

Yesterday we went to Caribbean Bay at Everland Amusement Park. Jay has ALWAYS!!! wanted to go and our friends Hiromi and Ben who are visiting us from the states were excited to catch some fake Korean waves. We liked this sign with the Korean Mikey and Minnie that led us into the park.
Hiromi and Max chillin by the wave pool.
Good times at Caribbean Bay!
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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Max, Shoma, and the Red Car

Max was so good about sharing his red car today with his friend Shoma!  I was so proud;)

Monday, June 08, 2009

We went hiking early for my birthday but got lost and ended up at a Buddist altar.
Max wondering about the whole inner peace thing. Or Cheerios. One of the two, at least.
He was a little scared by the mean face of the stone lion guardians and had to be coaxed to pet them.
Then he made friends and shared his water with them.
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We finally found the trail and made it up the trail to a nice little view out the left of the trees.
We made it to the peak and gave a hearty, Yes! A couple of years ago I climbed the rock in the background with Chris Strode on a four or five pitch route.
Mom and Max bag the peak of Yongbeong.
Pretty exhausted at the fork in the trail on the way down. Max was such a delight all weekend and Colleen, of course, was such a sweet wife. What a great birthday.
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Red velvet delight

Colleen made a red velvet cake per my request. It was the strangest looking cake coming out of the oven I ever saw. Then it gave me a big birthday kiss with those cake lips. It was an amazing birthday cake.
And some toasted pecans to make it healthy.
Max got some candle blowing lessons.
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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Jay gets a bubble gun for his B-Day

Jay opens his birthday present from Max.
Just what he always automatic bubble blowing gun!!!
Max tries to eat

and catch all bubbles;-)
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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Max and Shoma Play

Is that some sharing I see going on there?!?
Sorry guys there is a safety on that;-)
Max and Shoma pulled out a container of flash cards I made for studying Korean and made sounds like they were trying to read very cute.
Posted by PicasaWe will miss you guys when we move to Italy;-(